When there is the need to connect or join two dissimilar metals, the number of options available is often limited. The melting point of the two metals, factors with heating and even issues with the seal on the joint are all going to be important considerations. When brazing stainless steel to copper, you can avoid all of these potential issues while creating a durable, strong seal and joint.

The Welding Issue

When brazing stainless steel to copper, it is possible to avoid the problems that can occur with welding. Welding, which heats and melts both metals, is impossible with these two metals as they have such different melting temperatures. It is possible to weld identical metals to each other, or even metals with similar melting temperatures and using the correct type of filler.

With welding, it is also possible to overheat the metal. When this happens, the properties of the metal can change dramatically, creating a more brittle metal or actually a very weak weld. When the weld is used on a pressurized system or when weight is applied, this creates a potential for disaster.

The Brazing Option

Particularly with joining copper and stainless steel, brazing is the answer to the welding problems discussed above. By brazing stainless steel to copper there is a lower temperature used than with welding and the metal is not heated and melted, rather a filler is melted to create the joint and seal.

The melted filler is actually drawn into the joint through capillary action, which virtually floods the area and moves into all open areas between the two metals. The result is an incredibly strong and complete joint, without the possibility of missed or weaker areas as you would find in a weld.

Additionally, since the metals are not heated to the melting point to create the join, there is no change in the structural properties of either the copper or the stainless. This ensures there is no weakening of the joint or the components, which is why brazing stainless steel to copper is so important in many different types of industrial and processing types of fabrication.

The demand for high-quality brazing stainless steel to copper has increased due to the new technologies and high-efficiency systems in use. Finding a company to complete brazing needs makes short work of big projects, and provides any company with just the parts they need.