Some industries remain in constant demand. A plating company is the member of this fortunate but limited group. It requires skill and experience to perform the requested work with consistency and excellence. Substandard work can have serious consequences for public safety as well as for the bottom line for companies that fail to do due diligence before choosing the right company for finishing off components or products for them.

Finding the Right Plating Company

It has never been easier to find the names of companies. The internet has made this possible. Yet, just because the plating company has a web presence does not make it the right company for you. It does not even mean the company has credibility within the metal finishing community. To discover this information, you are going to have to do research. This is the best way to learn more about the company. You will also learn how it rates in terms of quality, performance, price and delivery.

To accomplish this, you first need to look at your requirements. In other words, consider:

* The specific size of the components or parts that require plating
* How many pieces you require plating e.g. the volume
* The metal you want utilized in plating, e.g. zinc, nickel, silver, gold
* Your budget for this project

Knowing these requirements, you now can look at a list of companies obtained from the net, supplied by others you know in the business and/or from national professional associations. Consider them according to

* Reputation in the industry for fast, reliable delivery and quality products
* Volume capabilities
* Certifications and capabilities for laboratory and testing techniques
* Compliance to established industry standards: Do they meet or exceed them?
* The method of plating. Does this metal plating company offer you the options you require? Do they have barrel plating but not rack or selective
* Metal options: Not all companies offer you options in finishing processes. Does the company have expertise in the metal you require as a plating and the base metal you are supplying? Do they specialize in the less expensive and cost effective zinc chromate plating or zinc nickel alloy plating; or only handle the more expensive metals, performing gold, platinum and silver plating?

Only by asking the right questions and verifying the capabilities and reputation of the plating companies on your list, can you make an informed decision. It is up to you to select the right plating company to meet your firm’s requirements.

The Right Metal Plating Company

Your choice of metal plating company depends upon what you and your company need. This interacts with what the company can offer. Combine this with services that are vetted and found to be reliable, affordable, comprehensive and of high quality. When this is done, you are sure to make the right choice – a plating company that can deliver what you want, when you want it and well within budget.