Selecting food catering for a wedding in Center City Philadelphia involves more than just looking for some tasty food. The caterer needs to provide exceptional service while being able to work within the unique confines of the wedding. When meeting with a caterer for first time, you need to remember to discuss a few key factors.

Obviously, they need to be available on the day of the wedding. Begin searching for caterers about nine months before your wedding day to give yourself a good chance of having the caterer of your dreams be available. You should try to meet with them in person to let them know you are serious. The caterer should be clear on when they expect payment for their services. Nobody wants a bill to come unexpectedly just before their wedding day.

Food Quality

When choosing food catering in Center City Philadelphia, there needs to be sensational flavor combined with stunning presentation. Caterers should have a portfolio available for viewing with pictures of their food. It is crucial for all caterers to have high quality commercial facilities and a well-trained staff that will serve you and your guests on your wedding day. If you have a question about the food, just ask. Most caterers are proud to show off their locally sourced ingredients and can accommodate any food allergies. Menus that are created seasonally will impress your guests for sure.

Tasting Sessions

Looking for food catering in Center City Philadelphia includes the company asking if they offer a tasting session. Keep in mind that catering kitchens can’t prepare food on the spot and that you will have to schedule an appointment. Having a tasting session with a potential caterer allows clients to see the style, quality and presentation of the food. During this tasting session clients can make decisions about which dishes they want and offer suggestions on how to suit the food to the occasion.

Importance of Service

Some people may not realize how important service is when looking for food catering in Center City Philadelphia. Service from a caterer is just as important as their style and quality of food they serve. From a client’s initial inquiry right up until the very end of their client’s wedding day, a caterer’s service needs to be flawless. A food catering business in Center City Philadelphia should provide their client with everything their wedding deserves—excitement, enthusiasm and joy.

A wedding should be the happiest day in the life of the bride and groom. Help make sure this happens by hiring a food catering service in Center City Philadelphia that will provide excellent food and service for the couple and their loved ones.

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