Managing chronic back pain can be easy, if you know where to get professional medical help. Consulting experts will also keep the pain bearable and provide you with ways to cope.

What kind of doctor do I need?
When it comes to back problems, your first though might be to pay a visit to your doctor. However, it might do you a world of good if you consult a chiropractor to help you deal with back pain, says Spine Health.

How do I find the right doctor?
Ask around. Put your network to good use by getting recommendations from people, especially those who suffer from the same condition you do. That or get online and search for chiropractors and clinics in your area.

What do I look for?
Make sure the hospital or clinic is accredited. Then look for certifications and seals of excellence. Be mindful and don’t be taken in by fake businesses that only want to get your money and care nothing about providing you with the right treatment. Also, check the quality of the staff, not just the doctors.

What about expertise?
Ask the doctor about how many years of service he has rendered as well as education attained. Is he qualified and trained to deliver the kind of medical assistance and service you need?

Do I need to ask my doctor?
If you’ve got an existing condition, consult your doctor for any restrictions you might have. It might not be a good idea for you, for instance, to go into the steam room of a spa salon if you’ve got an ill or weak heart. This could result in a number of unpleasant complications. Avoid that from all costs by consulting your doctor and being extra careful.

How long do I need to wait for the pain to go away?
It really depends on your situation. However, if you haven’t experienced any pain relief after the first 2-8 weeks, then your chiropractor should definitely refer you to someone else.

So keep these questions in mind the next time you find yourself looking for a specialist to treat your back pain. And never try anything out without the express permission of your general physician. This way, you’ll know if you need regular treatment or not. Take advantage of any help you can get. For more questions and information, contacting a back pain specialist like Dr. Joseph Licitra is a good way to start.

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