If you just have a very basic e-cig device they you probably aren’t too worried about the specifics of the electronic cigarette charger you use. In fact, if you have one of the mini-cigs or the vape pen styles of devices you will usually be limited to a mini USB type of charger.

This is very easy to use and simply allows you to connect the mini USB port to the battery, and then connect the full sized USB to any computer or USB power port, as you will find in many vehicles and on different devices.

However, once you start moving into the box mods and mech mods, you will definitely want to start considering the electronic cigarette charger more carefully. With all the different devices and the many different types of batteries, not knowing your options may end up costing you money.

One Charger Does it All

One of the great things about the new designs and technology in electronic cigarette charger models is that they can hold two, four, six or more batteries, and all they don’t have to be the same type of batteries.

These types of chargers automatically “read” the type of battery placed in the charger, and then charge accordingly. This means you can charge the batteries for more than one e-cig on the same charger, eliminating the problem of having to have just the right charger for each specific type of battery.

Display and Information

These new generator electronic cigarette charger models will also be equipped with a range of different features. One very important consideration is to choose a charger that you can program using a Bluetooth app. By simply syncing the charger to any Bluetooth-equipped device you can not only set any custom charging parameters by the individual slot but you can also view each slot as it charges.

Most of these chargers also offers a full LED display on the unit that can be cycled through to show the status of the charge of each battery. This type of electronic cigarette charger has the safety features that shut down the charge when full, and also prevents against short circuiting and over-discharge of the batteries.

Not to mention, the right electronic cigarette charger will assist in extending the life of the batteries. With just a bit of simple maintenance and the use of a top charger, the more advanced batteries can last for years.