Estate planning plays a critical role in managing one’s assets. If you are looking for a cost efficient and meaningful transfer of your assets to your loved ones or to build and protect your assets, then you need to get in touch with a Howland Center estate planning lawyer.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a process of planning the management of an individual’s asset base in case of the event of their incapacitation or death. Estate planning includes drawing up wills and power of attorney papers so that your wishes are carried out in the case that you are unable to express them. A Howland Center estate planning lawyer arranges the distribution of items such as cash, real estate, jewelry, clothes and other valuables things are set down in legal documents. In simple terms, it is a plan that you prepare with the help of a well trained estate planning lawyer to manage your assets after your death. Lack of estate planning can cause undue financial burden and conflict to your loved ones after your passing away. An attorney who is experienced in estate law, such as those at the Law Office of John C. Grundy, can help you set up an estate plan.

Qualities of an Estate Planning Lawyer

Sharing your personal and intimate details with your estate planning lawyer is a major step in preparing a well established estate plan for you. So it is very important that your attorney should be someone who can easily understand your feelings and your wishes. He should be well versed in state laws related to will and trusts. He should be able to understand the specific situation that you are in.

Duties of a Howland Center Estate Planning Lawyer

He or she should be able to prepare a legally complete property power of attorney and reduce or get rid of estate tax; creating a will is also a major part of the job. In case of incapacity, your attorney should be able to establish a trust that can manage and pass the assets to your loved ones in the way you wished. He should also assist you with your retirement plans, insurance policies and business interests.

More about Howland Center Estate Planning Lawyer

A Howland Center estate planning lawyer is someone who, with his continuous legal education, monitoring qualities and experience will be able to guide you in preparing an estate plan. If you have just begun your career and intend to build and protect your assets or you are retiring and want to transfer your assets, the Law Office of John C. Grundy has the experience and years of service needed to understand your goals and advise you with the various options available to manage your estate after your death or in case of incapacity. He will make sure that your wishes are carried out according to law.