If you or your loved ones are involved in a truck accident in the Mt. Vernon area, your first priority is getting healthy. However if you, or another party, has opted to take legal action it may also be necessary to contact a Mt. Vernon trucking accident lawyer who can help with the case.

How are Truck Accidents Different from Car Collisions?

When you collide with a vehicle that is the size of a truck, it usually results in several serious injuries, broken bones, internal body damage, amputations and, in worst cases, death. Apart from the severe physical injuries involved, truck accidents also pose greater complexities than car collisions. The driver who is at fault or found violating traffic rules at the time of the collision is established as the liable party in case of passenger vehicles.

However, when a commercial vehicle is involved in the crash, several parties get involved and it is difficult to establish accountability. The truck could be managed by a trucking company, a legal owner of the truck, or an insurance agency, and they might all share liability in the truck collision. If the driver of the truck is found to have consumed alcohol at the time of the crash, other parties will get involved too. These complexities are best handled by an efficient Mt. Vernon trucking accident lawyer.

Expect a Strong Defense Against Your Claims

Most trucking companies will have their response team act immediately to plan a strong defense against any injury claims resulting from a truck accident. Remember that they have been involved in this before and are much more experienced than you are. This is why you may need a Mt. Vernon trucking accident lawyer at your side so that you can receive the rightful compensation. A good lawyer will represent your case strongly, prevent any inconsistencies from creeping in, keep an eye out for malpractice on the part of the trucking companies and preserve the evidence from the accident site.

Trucking Rules and Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) states certain regulations that are specific to the trucking industry and not applicable to passenger vehicles. For instance, it is mandatory for trucking companies to ensure that the truck drivers possess certain qualifications. It also governs the number of man hours per week allowed to a truck driver, which should not be exceeded. A Mt. Vernon trucking accident lawyer will be familiar with the rules applicable to your case and how they can be used in your favor.

The law does not require you to hire an attorney. However, in such complex cases as a trucking accident, it may be the best practice to seek the advice of a legal professional to ensure that your rights are protected.