Logging is the cutting of trees with on-site processing, and then loading those trees or logs onto a truck. Logging, or moving wood from the stump to somewhere outside the forest, which more than likely is a saw mill or a lumber yard. To harvest, you need the perfect equipment, such as felling heads, which are the perfect cost effective attachment for all your various forest operations. They can be used in tree felling, cross cutting and even for loading. The felling head is commonly used also in forest clearing, particularly after a heavy storm hits or for road clearing, pipe line and power line construction.

Perfect Choice
Professional logging requires a great deal of skill, efficiency and of course, the best equipment. A felling head is reliable, durable, efficient and easy to operate. Once you get in the field, you don’t want to waste any time.

Using a felling head in your business gives you versatility. This well-engineered, highly productive attachment is made for major cutting and harvesting. It is the perfect choice for efficiency and for providing fast cutting. Cutting performance times and reducing maintenance time is a good way to get your business moving!

What does all this mean? It means that you can work smarter!

Into the Woods with the Felling Head
When you work in the timber business, you rely on equipment that is designed and manufactured for high quality forestry. That is why you want attachments that deliver efficient automated mechanized harvesting and processing for wood products. When the trees and plants are felled and then transported to the roadside, the logging industry is always looking for advancements to the process which allows a logger or harvester to cut the tree down, top it off, de-limb it, all in the same process. Having the ability to do this is mainly because of the advancements in the felling heads that are being used today. The trees can be de-limbed, topped and bucketed all at the landing!

Safety First
Logging is a dangerous occupation. Loggers work with heavy, moving equipment, and use tools such as chainsaws on uneven and sometimes steep or unstable terrain. Loggers also deal with severe environmental conditions, such as inclement weather and severe heat or cold. Having the best, most efficient equipment is essential when it comes to putting safety first!