You are almost ready to move people into your new building. Everything is clean and bright – the walls, the doors, the floors and windows. Not a dent is in sight and this is the way you plan to keep it. While you cannot prevent smudges, you can reduce the instances of dents. The solution to your potential problem is simple – corner guards.

What Are Corner Guards?

Corner guards are wall protectors. They act to prevent the corners of a building‘s walls from the damage done when struck by equipment, moving objects and simply daily traffic movement. In a hospital, these guards act to prevent pain scrapes and other issues occurring to a wall when struck by a gurney. In a hotel, the guards perform the same role stopping damage from baggage carts. On new homes, old homes and other structures, they guard the corners of all your walls.

Why Guards?
Guards are designed with various purposes in mind. Some are for industrial usage. The favored material is aluminum. Preference is because aluminum guards:

 * Have a lovely sating finish – blending it in with the usual hospital or institutional color scheme
 * Are durable
 * Are easy to install
 * Are light
 * Are affordable
 * Perfect for locations where the impact may range from medium to high

No matter where – industrial or residential, you can always find a shade or hue that matches the décor of the walls and overall structure. If you do not want them clear, and cannot find the right color, you can order custom painted designs.

Two Basic Types

Aluminum guards come in two basic types: anodized and un-anodized. Your choice will depend largely upon the location. For exterior usage, the best option is un-anodized aluminum. If you are placing the guards indoors, you can use either. If you want a satiny finish, choose anodized aluminum. If you want to paint the guards to match your interior wall décor, ask for un-anodized aluminum.

For architectural grade guards, you also have a choice between surface mounted and recess mounted types. The former you can add with either screws or construction adhesive following the painting of the drywall. The latter are put into place at the same time as the drywall. This restricts their application. They are only viable for new builds or major renovations and not for later additions.

Aluminum Corner Guards

If you want to protect the walls of your buildings from potential dents and other related damages, you should consider installing guards. The selection of colors and the ability of certain types to be employed indoors or outdoors makes them an easy and functional accessory to opt for. What is also important to builders and homeowners is that aluminum corner guards do an effective job at a very reasonable rate.