Your RV holding tank is probably the least fun part of your RV. However, if you own or drive an RV, you have to deal with the holding tank and the black water inside. There are dumping stations around the country where you can dump your holding tanks, but there are some tips you will need to make sure you are maintaining it properly.

Trouble-free Holding Tanks

One of the best tips for maintaining trouble-free RV holding tanks is making sure that you don’t dump it until it is at least 75% full. You should not dump your holding tank when it’s below that level, because the waste needs to be suspended in the water. If you dump the black water when it’s less than three quarters full, a lot of solid waste will end up staying in the tank, which will complicate the subsequent emptying of your holding tanks. If you need to dump your tanks before they reach that level of fullness, you need to fill them up with more water to ensure complete emptying.

Clean Dumping Site

The dumping sites can be quite awful due to the irresponsible care of other RVers. You need to make sure to leave the dumping site as clean as you can. You should wear gloves when you empty your holding tanks, because they can be removed and disposed of quickly. You should also use a sanitizing liquid in your holding tanks, but be careful not to use more of the sanitizing liquid than is recommended—it won’t make your black water any more sanitary. Instead, it will just cause foaming and make it harder to properly dispose of the waste.

RV holding tanks are not the most glamorous part of your RV, but they are a necessity. If you are going to operate an RV, you need to make sure you are being responsible with your black water.