When moving to a new location, you need space to store your belongings during the process. Moving companies often provide storage facilities available to their customers before and after they have moved. Chicago area movers have found their customers have had easier moves when they stored their belongings in a designated facility.

Facility Details
Many storage facilities in Chicago offer an array of storage units, including wood and steel vaults to protect sensitive materials. Before packing and transporting your possessions or equipment to the warehouse, moving professionals will take a complete inventory of everything in the load to ensure it is returned properly to you after the move. While you are away, trained security guards and alarm systems will protect your unit from theft or external damage.

Benefits of Storage
Using storage facilities can keep your possessions safe in the long run. They will not be damaged, lost, or stolen during the move, and will be returned to you exactly as you found them. When sent to Chicago for storage, your items can be specially packed by moving professionals to prevent any potential damage during transport.

Storage units are kept at a consistent climate and sealed off to prevent any water or mold damage to antiques, records, and sensitive equipment. Wood and steel vaults are locked by warehouse security, who are assigned to monitor them around-the-clock. With tens of thousands of square feet comprising storage facilities in Chicago, your assets will have plenty of room and be well-protected.

Once your move has ended, you can still use your storage unit. If you have a smaller new space or extra equipment being saved for future use, you will be able to protect it in the long term. Many storage facilities in Chicago allow long-term use as part of your initial contract. If your equipment is outdated, broken, or non-functional, some warehouses provide liquidation and recycling services. Warehouse professionals can take your old furniture, paper records, and equipment to be broken down at a recycling center so it can be properly disposed. Extra packing supplies left over from your move can also be recycled or reused at a later date.