Everybody has their preference when it comes to chocolate. Some people prefer white chocolate while others like a creamy milk chocolate. You might even find that some of your guests enjoy dark chocolate as well. If you are planning on purchasing party favors for an upcoming event, then you may want to consider a mixture of both milk chocolate and dark chocolate coins. Both of these are good options for both adults as well as children.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is a blend of both chocolate and milk which gives the chocolate a much lighter and creamier taste than traditional chocolate. Most companies use milk chocolate for their candies and coins than any other type of chocolate. It has the least amount of chocolate liquor and contains more milk than any other brand of chocolate. The quality of milk chocolate varies depending on how much milk and chocolate liquor is used to produce it. It also depends on the quality of products that are used to make the milk chocolate. Even though this is the most common type of chocolate, there are many other ones that you will find on the market today.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is a much healthier type of chocolate to consume. It has a much higher level of chocolate liquor inside of it. It is much different than milk chocolate because it does not contain any milk to make it creamy which is what makes it a much darker chocolate. If you eat dark chocolate, you will notice that it delivers a dry and bitter aftertaste which some people tend to enjoy. You will sometimes hear this chocolate be referred to as sweet dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate.

White Chocolate

White chocolate still tastes a bit like regular chocolate but is made up of cocoa butter, milk solids, and sugar in order to give it a light-colored appearance. Even though it does not contain cocoa solids such as chocolate liquor, it does have a slight chocolate taste to it. Many bakers prefer to use white chocolate for their recipes because it has a might lighter taste that people enjoy.

There are many different types of chocolate which also means there are a lot of different types of chocolate coins that you can purchase for your next event. They are all delicious and all of your guests are sure to love them and want to take some home.