Electric motors come in all kinds of shapes, sizes. Motors use energy to build torque, which they use to help transfer power into whatever machinery you need them for at the moment, from pulleys in a conveyor system, to paper pressing machines.

What Motor Do You Need?

The differences are what make the motor. As per MIT, AC motors are powered through an alternating current, and DC motors are powered through a direct current. AC motors typically make efficient use of distant power, whereas DC motors take a direct, constant current, and each has its uses in an industrial setting. For example, a lamp only needs AC power, whereas a laptop battery needs DC power, so laptop chargers have an AC-to-DC converter to charge their batteries.

Load matters, too. Compressors without unloaders, conveyors, and displacement pumps need constant levels of torque. Centrifugal pumps, elevators, compressors with unloaders and fans have variable torque needs, often changing within a moment’s notice.

Having the right engine for the right load is about conserving energy, and about making sure your machinery doesn’t fail due to incompatibilities.

Considering Heat

Another matter to consider is the amount of torque required during startup. Crushers and gearboxes, for example, require a lot of torque to get started because of the amount – and mass – of rotating elements present in the machinery. This matters because during this first phase of a machine’s process, an engine will have to work extra hard to get things moving.

Baldor Electric Motors are distinguished based on what they’re meant to do. These design types also help you decide which one you need for your job, including which is least likely to overheat or fail during startup.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer: Baldor Electric Motors

Finding the best source for your motors right here in Texas is also important. When you’re online, reputation and selection are your best factors. Companies have a large selection of options, from Baldor electric motors to WEG and Toshiba offerings.