One look around the room is all it takes to confirm that the old stuff needs to go and be replaced with new living room furniture in Ephrata PA. What remains to be decided is what features the furniture must include in order to be right for the space. Here are some points to consider closely before choosing those new pieces.

Scale Matters

One of the more common mistakes that people make with purchasing new living room furniture in Ephrata PA is that the selected furnishings are too large or too small for the square footage. A good rule of thumb is to take some measurements before looking at what’s available at the local furniture store. Consider the amount of space along each wall, the placement of the windows, and even the width of the room. That will make it easier to determine if a sofa can be floated in the room and still leave plenty of space to walk around.

If the current furnishings are a perfect fit for the space, measure those pieces. While at the furniture store, only consider pieces with the same dimensions or, at least, furnishings with no more than an inch or two difference. Doing so will improve the odds of the new pieces filling the room comfortably without looking out of place.

Upholstery Needs

What type of upholstery is right given the makeup of the household? If there are children in the home, opting for upholstery that is stain-resistant and will hold up well until they leave for college is a smart move. Empty-nesters can think about upholstery that is still treated to be stain resistant, but will not be subjected to the wear and tear that occurs naturally when kids are around.

How About New Colors?

Don’t think that it’s necessary to purchase new pieces that happen to use the same color scheme as the old ones. Take along a sample of the wall and carpet colors. A professional can recommend something different as a way to add some spice to the space.

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