There is no doubt, when winter temperatures arrive, the furnace must go on. For many locations, they can not do without the furnace throughout the winter. It’s imperative that it work well throughout the entire season. To ensure the furnace stays in good working order and runs efficiently, it’s important to regularly service the unit. Most furnace contractors in Toledo OH recommend that the furnace is tuned-up and cleaned at least once a season to keep it running at its best. Of course, the most important maintenance task a homeowner can do to keep their furnace running smoothly is to ensure the air filter stays clean. A clean filter helps prolong the life of the unit and helps to keep it running efficiently.

The purpose of the filter is to prevent dust and debris from getting into the internal components of the furnace. It’s important that the inside of the furnace stay as clean as possible, as a build up of dust can reduce the amount of heat the furnace puts out. A good quality filter will catch the majority of the dust and particles, allowing only clean air into the unit. Of course, this means that the filter must be cleaned frequently, especially in homes with smokers or pets.

A clogged filter will cause the unit to work much harder to get the air it needs. Thus, because the unit must work harder, breakdowns are more common and the life of the furnace can be shortened. Additionally, because the unit must work harder when the filter is clogged, it must also run longer to warm the air to the proper temperature, increasing the monthly energy costs.

When a furnace air filter is dirty, it must be either replaced, washed, or vacuumed, depending on the type filter in the unit. When in doubt, speak with the Furnace Contractors in Toledo OH to ensure the proper filter is used for the furnace in the home. Many contractors will suggest the homeowner, “Browse our website” to learn more about proper furnace maintenance along with special offers and other products that may be available, and of use, to the homeowner.