As much as we wish these types of events would never occur, criminal events unfortunately happen more often than we would like. What can you do in a situation like that? While you may choose to represent yourself, that may harm your case more than help it, according to The Guardian. The best thing you can do, if your case is especially complicated, is to hire a criminal lawyer to help you win the case. Here’s how he or she can help.

They Can Explain the Consequences
Though some people think that pleading guilty will make things easier, a lawyer can explain all of the consequences you may have to face after serving time in jail. Because they have been through this process many times before, lawyers can help you make a much better decision. They also know the life-long effects that doing time can have on a person, so you won’t end up with a choice you’ll regret down the line.

They Help You Gather Evidence and Statements
Unfortunately, some witnesses may be wary of telling you what they know, especially if you are the accused. They may be better able to give some evidence if your lawyer steps in to take care of this part of the process. Plus, they will make sure that they do not leave any stone unturned.

They Can Make Sure You Don’t Fall for Unwritten Rules
Unfortunately, some of the most important things you should follow in court are not said out loud. A lawyer with years of experience would be aware of such unwritten regulations, and can give you a heads up so you do not get into any trouble.

Hiring a criminal lawyer definitely has more pros than cons. Don’t allow yourself to take on the trial on your own. Get the assistance of a professional legal expert now.