The application process for Social Security disability is fraught with areas that are difficult to understand and answer in the way the reviewer would expect. Of all the thousands and thousands of applications for disability benefits that are made, about two thirds are rejected out of hand. There are very few instances where Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri would not be beneficial. If you have a clear cut case and there is no disputing the fact that it will last at least a year you can probably get away with making the application on your own; anything else, you should have a lawyer to help.

When to hire a lawyer:

If you hire skilled Social Security lawyers at the time of your initial application there is a far better chance of success, but no guarantees. There is a far better chance of gaining approval early if your application contains all the information that is considered pertinent by the SSA.

If your claim is denied:

If you made your application unaided by a lawyer, chances are quite good that it will be denied. When this happens you must consider hiring Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri. When you are denied benefits you have the right to appeal the decision, it is at this time when a lawyer can help immensely.

Although there is a backlog of applications, a lawyer will gather all the pertinent information, included current test results and the results from recent medical check-ups and submit it to the SSA. It is important that you request for a hearing is lodged as soon as possible and that it is supported by all the data that the authorities need.

Eventually you will go in front of an Administrative Law Judge, you and your disability lawyer will lay out everything that is available to show that you are truly disabled, meet all the prerequisites established by the SSA and that you deserve to be approved for benefits.

Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri can be very helpful in seeing that your application for disability benefits gets approved. The sooner you get in touch with the Grundy Disability Group the sooner you can expect to see results.