One spouse should not suffer financially merely because their marriage didn’t last forever. Regardless of which spouse worked more or earned more money, the cash and assets obtained during the marriage have to be divided equitably if a couple decides to get divorced. Divorce Lawyers in Tacoma WA help clients ensure their assets as well as their marital debts are divided appropriately so they have every opportunity to start their new life on the right foot.

When a divorcing couple has children, it’s essential to ensure the children do not suffer any financial effects from their parents’ decisions. They should be able to have the same things they had prior to the separation. Children shouldn’t have to transition from a private to a public school or have to live in a less desirable neighborhood simply because their parents no longer live together. Child support is designed to fill the gap between what a custodial parent earns and what the children need to maintain their standard of living.

Because Washington is a no-fault state, judges do not consider marital actions when they divide assets and debts. Although most divorces are settled through an agreement between spouses, those who are unable to reach an agreement must rely on the judge to distribute assets and debts. Judges use the standard of fair and equitable when deciding these types of cases. Martial assets and debts aren’t necessary divided equally. Courts may consider the earning capacity of each spouse and their contributions to the marriage when making these types of decisions.

Divorce Lawyers in Tacoma WA help clients negotiate with their spouse and their spouse’s attorney to attempt to reach an agreement outside of court. Divorce litigation is a lengthy process and it can also be quite expensive. Before making a decision to litigate, a client should remember the money they spend on a trial could be used more effectively in starting their new life. Visit before making any decisions that could be very costly. An experienced attorney may help a divorcing client avoid financial mistakes that could prevent them from moving on from a failed marriage quickly.

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