One of the most important parts of general health, is dental hygiene. Without dental hygiene, a patient can suffer from a variety of illnesses, as well as discomfort and pain. Gum disease alone can cause issues when eating or drinking, especially if it is in sever stages of damage. Enamel breaking down and causing cavities is another situation that can cause significant pain and discomfort while eating or drinking, especially if a nerve becomes exposed in the tooth. This is why many dentists prefer their patients do more than just take care of their teeth at home.

Visiting a dentist for dental cleanings can go a long way towards having healthier teeth. Unfortunately, some patients allow their dental hygiene to get so bad that it can cause severe damage to the enamel and require Cosmetic Dentistry to correct. This can happen a lot when a patient has a cavity that they ignore, allowing it to degrade the surrounding enamel and cause breaks in the tooth over time. When this happens, the nerve has a higher risk of being exposed, leading to infection and severe pain.

A tooth infection has to be cleared up before a dentist will perform any procedures on the tooth. This is because of the risk that infected teeth have, of the infection itself entering the blood stream as the dentist works. A dentist will normally prescribe a routine of antibiotics and pain medication, to help clear up the infection before trying to work on the tooth before any Cosmetic Dentistry can be performed.

After the infection has been removed, or lessened enough to reduce the risk of spreading, the dentist can begin performing the procedures necessary to fix the tooth. This can include filing down the tooth for a crown or veneer to be placed on it, or extracting the tooth entirely to be replaced by a dental implant. Many reputable practices, like Absolute Smile, will offer a variety of Cosmetic Dentistry In Southampton to help restore a patient’s smile after these types of situations. This can help in cases where multiple teeth are affected by the overall cause of the problem.