You may never been charged with a criminal traffic ticket before so the process could be confusing for you. Even for people who have had to appear in court before it can still be intimidating. To begin with, many people don’t know if their first court appearance is going to be for an arraignment or for trial. An experienced attorney can guide you through the process.

Why You Need Representation for a Reckless Driving Charge

A reckless driving charge is not a regular traffic infraction, it is a criminal misdemeanor charge. If you are found guilty, you will have a Class 1 misdemeanor on your criminal record. In the Commonwealth of Virginia they take their traffic laws quite seriously, and a judge can choose to sentence you to:

  • up to one year in jail,
  • a fine up to $2500, and/or
  • suspension of your Virginia license or privilege to drive in Virginia for up to six months.

Also, if you’re convicted you could end up with points on your license and your insurance is likely to increase.

An Attorney Can Minimize Your Damages

If you are represented by an attorney who is skilled in courtroom argument and negotiation with the prosecutor, it could save you from a potential criminal conviction and all the bad things that go with it. If you’re facing a reckless driving charge in Fairfax County, contact A. Mark Nicewicz, Esq., to schedule a free consultation regarding your charge.