If an asphalt walkway has a couple holes in its surface, they can be repaired by completing the Asphalt Paving Services steps below. A coat of sealant that is applied to a repaired asphalt surface will prevent holes or cracks from forming. Moisture will not be able to penetrate asphalt so that it remains intact.


  • push broom
  • shop vacuum cleaner (with hose)
  • thin scrub brush
  • asphalt cleaning agent
  • standard scrub brush
  • water hose
  • gravel
  • cold asphalt patch
  • small shovel
  • putty knife
  • tamper
  • tarps
  • asphalt sealant
  • shallow tray
  • paint roller and handle

Removing Loose Asphalt And Surface Stains

Once pieces of loose asphalt are swept up with a push broom, a shop vacuum cleaner’s hose can be used to collect small fragments of asphalt. A thin scrub brush that is moved back and forth in the bottom of each hole will help dislodge asphalt pieces that are stuck inside of the damaged areas. An asphalt cleaning agent needs to be applied liberally to surface stains. Moving a standard scrub brush swiftly over dirty areas will assist with cleaning them. Treated asphalt can be rinsed off with a water hose.

Filling Holes And Sealing A Walkway

A thin layer of small gravel pieces can be added to the base of each hole. Gravel pieces will help stabilize cold asphalt patch. A small shovel can be used to fill each hole with patch. Once holes are level with the rest of an asphalt surface, a tamper should be pressed firmly over cold patch in order to compress it. If too much patch is added to any holes, it can be smoothed out with the flat side of a putty knife. After patch hardens, tarps should be placed on each side of a walkway. Asphalt sealant needs to be poured into a shallow tray. A paint roller can be used to apply sealer in straight lines.

Pavement needs to be covered evenly. Plenty of time will need to pass before a second layer of sealer is added. After a second coat dries, tarps can be removed from the ground and a walkway can be used in a normal manner. Any other repairs can be made by Teague’s Asphalt Paving or another company that offers Asphalt Paving Services.