Making a choice to buy used medical equipment over new devices is always something to consider. By selecting a reputable, established and recognized dealer hospitals, medical offices, clinics and healthcare facilities can save as much as 70% of the cost of new.

However, not all options to purchase used medical equipment are of equal value. Too often buyers fall into common mistakes that can end up costing the facility more as they have to repair or replace their just purchased equipment. To avoid this issue, make sure you aren’t making these three common buying errors.

Purchasing Privately

Many people assume that buying directly from another hospital or medical facility is a safe option. While there is little doubt that the seller would not intentionally sell equipment that is not functioning, it is a buyer beware type of situation.

Additionally, without a trained, certified technician inspecting and refurbishing the equipment, there is no way to tell how well maintained it has been or how long it can be expected to continue to operate before the end of its lifecycle.

Buying on Price Alone

Even if you have a limited budget, it is well worth the time to look at the various models, options and manufacturers a reputable seller of refurbished used medical equipment is able to offer. The best of these companies may provide financing of the equipment, allowing you to upgrade to a superior or newer model while still staying within your budget allowance.

Not Understanding the Terms

Be sure to read and understand the terms of the sale from any seller of used equipment for medical facilities. Is it guaranteed to be in working conditions, is it refurbished or does it have a warranty in place?

Additionally, if you need to sell your existing equipment, will the dealer be interested in making the purchase? This can be a cost-effective way to help offset the cost of the replacement equipment while also helping to avoid the need to arrange for a buyer or equipment storage.