For more than one reason, the homeowner has decided to go with asphalt for the driveway, the walkways leading to the front door, and for the paths that wind their ways through the back yard. While choosing asphalt is a smart move, there is one more step the homeowner needs to consider. That’s adding a seal coating in Lancaster PA to that pavement. Here are some of the reasons why this approach will serve the owner well in the years to come.

An Effective Barrier Against Fluids

One of the reasons that many municipalities arrange for Seal Coating in Lancaster PA on streets and other public properties is the way that the coating prevents liquids from seeping into the pavement. That same benefit holds true for home paving. Think for a moment about what it takes to remove oil stains from a driveway if there is no protective coating on the pavement. By contrast, sealing the asphalt ensures the liquid remains on the surface and is easier to remove. Thanks to the quality of the sealing agent, the surface remains in pristine condition without the need for a lot of scrubbing.

Minimizing the Risk of Cracking

Asphalt contracts and expands as the weather changes. That can lead to cracks that must be filled. The right type of seal coating controls the process and reduces the chances for cracks to develop. Thanks to this quality, the homeowner can look forward to spending less money in repairs as the years roll by.

Maintaining a Fresh Appearance

Wouldn’t it be nice for the asphalt driveway and other paved surfaces to look as if they were installed yesterday? Sealing those surfaces goes a long way to prevent any wear and tear that makes it obvious the pavement has been in place for a long time. By choosing to apply a fresh coat of sealant every five to seven years, those surfaces will be a plus in terms of the look of the place rather than a drawback.

Homeowners who always thought seal coating was for public or municipal purposes only should contact us today and learn more about the residential applications. If the plan is to install a new driveway and other paved surfaces, exploring the use of asphalt and a protective coating is worth the time and the effort.