While some hosting services are more national in their provision of services and where they have their resources and facilities, others are more global in nature. A very small number of the top hosting providers actually have server facilities in several different countries including the United States, Asia as well as in Europe.

Finding a cheap dedicated server in Europe to address the needs of a more global company or when the customer base or business is in Europe will be an important consideration. However, it is important to realize that cheap is only referring to the cost of the service, not in the quality of the server, maintenance or technical support provided.

Location in Europe

Anytime you are choosing a hosting service with a cheap dedicated server in Europe it is essential to know where the server is located. Some countries, even in Europe, have less that reputable power systems and may not have the facilities and infrastructure to provide a reliable connection between the end user and the server.

If the infrastructure outside of the hosting service is poorly maintained, or if there are issues with government regulations, power supplies or with unrest in the country, even a low-cost server is not a good investment because of the risk.

Emphasis on Quality Service

If the location is in a low-risk country with resources and good infrastructure, you will still need to consider the levels of quality control and maintenance the hosting company provides to their system and their equipment.

While you may choose a dedicated server, most companies will opt for a managed server, which means the hosting service will handle the maintenance of the server, essential for security, uptime and performance. Review the hosting companies reputation in these areas before making a choice of a cheap dedicated server in Europe.

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