Ziplining in Gatlinburg is a unique experience that should be on your radar if you plan on visiting soon. The concept sounds a bit scary but it is a completely safe practice that gives you and your group the opportunity to experience the Great Smoky Mountains from a completely different perspective.

The Technical Jargon

A zip line system is a system of pulleys and cables that is installed on inclines from tree to tree or more correctly platform to platform on the tree. Riders are harnessed and zip around on the lines above the ground. The passengers on the zip line wear:

  • A helmet
  • Safety equipment

In some cases, riders must wear gloves to ensure that they do not hurt their hands on the cables, in other cases (the more ideal case) the cables are controlled by guides so there is no danger of the rider meeting the cables. The cables are industrial cables that can easily hold thousands and thousands of pounds at any given time. it is a completely 100% safe way to travel around the forest.

The Non-Technical

What you really need to know about ziplining in Gatlinburg is how much fun it is. It is a way to see what you have been missing in the Great Smoky Mountains. For example, at Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park you can zip right over an active waterfall and see it in a way you could never see if from the ground looking up!

It is a great bonding experience for friends, family, co-workers and other groups. The experience is something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. Words do not do it justice, you must see for yourself. Make your reservation at Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park today!