Hearing loss occurs for many reasons including aging. Likewise, there are diseases that affect hearing. However, Ear, Nose and Throat specialists have a lot of help to offer. First, the ENT examines the ear to see if there is a medical problem. T

hings like wax build-up and infections may be to blame. Next, the doctor checks for structural abnormalities. Medication and/or surgery can repair many of these issues. Finally, on-site audiologists test each patient to measure the amount of hearing loss.

The sky is the limit if patients need a hearing aid. Hearinf care services in Lancaster, PA is improving by the day. There are so many options available. Patients who still have some hearing may need an assistive device. These tools amplify sounds so patients hear better. Additionally, a service called Captioncall shows captions during phone calls. Visit  to learn more about these devices.

Many of the new hearing aids connect remotely to cell phones. It does not matter whether the phone is Apple or Android. The Phonak CROS II is recommended for hearing loss in one ear. The CROS II sends sounds from the non-hearing side to a hearing aid on the other ear. Lyric may be an attractive solution for many. It is a totally invisible aid that one can wear all the time. The device does not rely on batteries and it is waterproof. Imagine, being able to swim and shower without taking out your hearing aid.

The hearing care service in Lancaster, PA realizes some patients need more. That is why they offer the Osseo-Integrated Auditory Implant. The Cochlear Baha is for those who have lots of ear infections and drainage. In addition, those with ear damage can benefit from this implant. The implant works by using bones to carry sound waves. Likewise, there are patients with damaged inner ears. The implant does the inner ear’s job, sending sound waves to the brain. Children with hearing loss can also benefit from aids. There are companies that create aids for children as young as two months. No one needs to suffer from hearing loss. Help is available for all.