While many people in Houston think the cost of the move is the most important consideration, it is really a combination of the cost and the quality of service and moving expertise that is critical.

A cheap moving service that damages your belongings, adds extra costs to the quote after the move has started or that delays in the arrival of your household goods by days or even weeks is not a good deal at any price. Spending the little bit extra to choose professional movers will ensure you get professional service and professional care of your belongings.

There are several important factors to keep in mind when hiring professional movers. Each of these will add a benefit to your moving experience.

Value-Added Services

For long distance moves, take a close look at the services that are included in the price quoted. Many of the professional movers offer a full range of pre-move planning support, single point of contact moving coordinator and even assistance in providing checklists and plans to make sure you don’t miss or forget anything you will need to do.

Free Estimates

Make sure that the estimate provided by any moving service in Houston is free and is a no obligation estimate. This will allow you to compare both prices and services. Most consumer groups recommend comparing at least three movers. Trying to compare too many can be cumbersome and confusing and too few won’t provide you with a clear picture of the options available.

Using true professionals for movers rather than companies that offer cheap rates and use untrained, inexperienced movers will make a very big difference on moving day. You will have confidence and trust in the professional movers, allowing you to relax and let the professionals handle the move.