Having a safe place to stash valuables sounds great, but the idea of a bulky safe taking up a corner or shoved in a closet holds no appeal at all. Wall safes are one option, but that doesn’t seem like the best approach either. In fact, the homeowner may find that a floor safe is the perfect choice. Here is what a professional from a Safe Service can tell the client about this type of safe.

Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind

Of all the different options for home safes, the floor safe offers the most benefits in terms of ensuring only family members know where the safe is located. Depending on the floor type, it’s easy enough to cover the safe door with something that blends right into the pattern.

While it will not be easy for strangers to locate, the safe will be handy for those who store valuables inside. It may mean moving an area rug to one side or sliding over a piece of furniture, but that effort is certainly worth the extra security provided by this solution.

As Small or as Big as Needed

Space limitations are usually a factor with a wall or freestanding safe. That’s less of an issue when the homeowner chooses to go with a floor safe. When the plan is to have a reasonable amount of space for cash, jewelry, documents, and other items the owner wants to protect, an expert from a local Safe Service can help the client identify the right dimensions for the job.

Excellent Fire and Water Protection

Like other safes, the floor safe provides a significant amount of protection from fire or water damage. Along with the properties of the safe itself, there’s also the fact that it’s often set in concrete for some additional reinforcement. That concrete creates an additional layer on the bottom and sides of the safe, creating even more protection.

If the idea of installing a home safe is on the schedule for this year, talk with the team at Able Lock Shop today. It won’t take long to identify the right combination of features, size, and price. Once the decision is made, the safe will be in place in no time. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.