The sheer act of shopping for gold jewelry can be quite fun indeed. There are so many styles that one never quite knows what they will find. However, as with most things, there are many questions people have before they Buy Gold Jewelry in Sturbridge MA.

Q: What exactly is gold?

A: Gold is actually a precious metal that is found in different places all over the world. It can be found in oceans, rivers, and in the crust of the earth. The process of extracting gold from its resting place, however, is quite expensive. This is why objects fashioned from gold are usually on the costlier side. In fact, it takes mining just over 3 tons of ore just to be able extract one ounce of gold.

Q: Is it normal to Buy Gold Jewelry in Sturbridge MA that discolors fingers and/or hands?

A: Contrary to popular belief, gold jewelry does not discolor due to cheapness of material. Many times people, usually women, will experience discoloration when wearing jewelry made from white gold. This is because the white gold has been alloyed with a metal that reacts to certain chemicals that are found in commonly-worn cosmetics. It is simple enough to prevent this problem, just do not allow the gold jewelry to touch the cosmetics. Alternatively, one can switch the cosmetics that are being used to ones that are made with more natural ingredients.

Q: Will the type of gold known as X1 white gold be just as white as rhodium?

A: Unfortunately, it will not. This is because white gold will always possess trace amounts of pure gold in the alloy that is still yellow.

Q: Why is gold jewelry stamped?

A: Most mass-manufactured gold jewelry items are stamped to indicate the purity or fineness of the gold. Not all gold jewelry is stamped. For instance, if the jewelry has been custom made, it will almost never contain a stamp. A simple scratch test can indicate the purity of the gold if it needs to be known.

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