Septic systems direct water from sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers into a large tank before it’s broken down and treated or deposited. Most individuals rarely give their septic tanks and what happens to wastewater a second thought until something goes wrong.

While septic tank issues can be inconvenient, they are very common. Backups are one of the most common septic issues, which is hard to miss. However, not all issues are the same. If you’re not sure whether or not you need septic tank maintenance, read on to learn more about the top three signs you need septic maintenance.

Bad Odors and Poor Drainage

If you notice sudden and bad odors around your home, particularly around your toilets and sinks, you likely have a septic issue. You shouldn’t dismiss anything you find that is out of the ordinary. Also, slow or poor drainage may also indicate that you need septic tank maintenance as well.

Backed-Up Sewage

Backed-up sewage is never pleasant. If your septic tank gets too full or clogged, you may notice a backup. While unpleasant, this is a good indicator that you need septic tank maintenance. You’ll likely notice the backup because it will be odorous and visible in most cases. You’ll also probably notice sludge coming up through your toilets and sinks. To avoid this problem, you should have your septic tank maintained regularly. For septic maintenance and repairs, you should contact Valley Isle Pumping for more information.

Grass Browning

If the grass planted on top or around your septic tank becomes greener, browns, or dies, you may have a septic tank issue. You’ll notice the stark difference between the grass near and on top of your septic tank and the grass around it when there is a septic issue. Usually, this is caused by a septic leak that needs to be corrected immediately. You can also connect with them on Facebook.