If you’re looking at condos for sale in Upper East Side, you’ll be in the middle of one of the busiest locations for TV and movie filming. Here are just a few TV shows that are based in NYC:

  • I Love Lucy: Even millennials have heard of Lucille Ball and her iconic show. A classic sitcom that follows Lucy, her husband Ricky and their Landlords, Ethel and Fred. Lucy’s hilarious schemes to get on her husband’s show had the whole country in stitches.

  • Friends: This show was great at making ordinary, everyday occurrences funny. This group of friends were famous for just trying to make their way through life and getting into ridiculous situations along the way.

  • Seinfeld: This comedian-turned actor turned the ordinary into extraordinary. A great supporting cast made life situations about ‘nothing’ funny and memorable. Fans of the show were quick to memorialize phrases like, “Serenity Now,” “Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” and of course, “Festivus.”

  • The Honeymooners: Alice and Ralph were your typical couple with typical friends. But somehow, Jackie Gleason, the loud-mouthed Ralph, made audiences laugh. This iconic TV show has never been forgotten and Jackie Gleason is remembered as one of the pioneers of comedy. (Fun fact: The Flintstones cartoon was inspired by this show.)

  • Saturday Night Live: What can be said about this show? It is one of the longest running comedy shows in history, and from it have emerged some of today’s greatest comedians. Think Mike Meyers, Adam Sandler and Chris Farley to name a few. From world-class imitations to skits that will have your sides busting, this show is sure to continue to make audiences laugh for years to come.

There are plenty of others, of course, and NYC continues to be a favorite on-location destination for movies and TV shows. If you’re looking at condos for sale in Upper East Side, you’re sure to catch some filming on a regular basis.