Drilling Services in Hawaii are essential for both residential and commercial customers. Existing structures often require reinforced bracing systems, foundation re-leveling, and slope stabilization due to unsuitable or unpredictable soil conditions. Volcanic activity, shore erosion, and shifting deep ground can damage, crack, and move foundations. The climate of heavy rains, high winds, and salt water ocean spray is conducive to concrete corrosion, metal rusting, and weight being transferred unevenly on pylons, cornerstones, and structural elements. The problem also extends to overpasses, railing systems, and any type of reinforced concrete structure.

Most drilling companies are equipped with large drilling rigs to complete deep drilling projects, reach the heights of multiple-story buildings, and handle the weight of structures and highways while bracing the structures. That is excellent for those types of projects. That equipment is useless in tight corners, low overhead passes,  parking garages, and limited-access locations.

One experienced company has all the equipment needed to provide versatile Drilling Services in Hawaii. Large rigs are available for the majority of needs. Smaller drill rigs are available as well to handle difficult situations in tight or low spaces. The capacity makes the company uniquely qualified to provide deep foundation solutions, reinforcing and bracing of existing structures, and drilling probes and grouting voids for new developments and construction sites. Customers can Visit the Website for details of capabilities, experience, and past projects.

Commercial services include design and build projects, load transfers, slope stabilization, remedial underpinning, seawall repair, shoring systems, as well as auger cast and drilled shaft piles. Free quotes are offered for all services. Other capacities include commercial and residential foundation and concrete repairs, remediation projects to reduce the re-occurrence of deterioration, and installation of a variety of railing systems.

Taking the time to have foundations tested and concrete inspected for corrosion, cracking, or spalling can save a lot of time and money further down the road. Properties and buildings along the coastlines are more susceptible to corrosion. Waiting until a foundation shifts, concrete deteriorates to an advanced stage, or railings begin to fail before seeking solutions will end up costing a lot more money than early intervention.

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