Manual therapy is an ancient medical art. In Latin, the translation means “treatment by hand” and, in simple words, it is treated with the use of massage techniques. Even ancient Greek healers used massage as a healing element and some used it to get rid of a wide variety of ailments. But what happens when a person presents with Whiplash in Ferguson?

In the words of Hippocrates, one of the most important areas of medicine is spinal therapy. You can use it to correct vertebrae, thereby freeing the patient from pain and problems. This method, at first glance, looks to deal with nothing but spinal diseases, yet that is not the case. By correcting the spine, chiropractors can eliminate a sore throat, kidney and bladder diseases, tuberculosis, etc. In addition to ancient Greece, manual therapy has been widely used in areas like China, India, the Mediterranean countries and Europe.

Despite its mature age, this treatment method is one of the most common in modern medicine. Although it is worth noting that this type of medical care was not recognized until the late 19th century (1882) in the United States, the country did open the world’s first school for chiropractors in 1895. In 1892, the US opened its first school for osteopaths. Both schools studied manual therapy, but the approach was different.

The pupils of the first school sharpened its focus on physiotherapy, gym and massage therapies. As for chiropractors, they used “power moves”. The main drawback of both schools was the fact that the schools studied people who did not even have real issues. Therefore, without even a basic knowledge in the field of medicine, the cause of any disease always pointed to the spine. Therefore, to eliminate a particular disease, osteopaths and chiropractors have sought and eliminated certain defects of the spine (subluxations, herniated discs, vertebrae displacement, etc.), which leads to pinching of nerves and blood vessels. This is very important in today’s medical field because it treats and heals things like Whiplash in Ferguson without major surgery. It should be noted that recovery is not due to manipulation, but through individual abilities of the body to rebuild and recover under the influence of internal and external stimuli. Visit Website to learn more.