A single broken brick or crack in the masonry of a home may not seem like that big of a deal. However, if this problem is allowed to go on, without being fixed, the results can be devastating. Unfortunately, even though brick is an extremely durable material, it is still susceptible to deterioration due to the constant exposure to the elements and the structural forces that are holding a building erect. Any bricks that are cracked or broken need to be replaced before excessive moisture seeps into the walls.

The good news is, there are telltale signs that it is time to call for professional brick repair service in Philadelphia, PA. Getting to know these signs is the best way to ensure the problem is fixed in a timely manner.


Cracking is an extremely common issue that affects virtually all brick structures at one point or another. Most people notice settlement cracks near the corners of the home or building. This crack type usually moves in a horizontal direction across steps and the wall as it gets longer.

There are also thermal expansion cracks. These are typically located in the upper portion of a structure’s wall and are vertical. These cracks are a sign that the builder did not add expansion joints to the wall and a sign that repairs are needed.


This is a term that refers to damage that results in the exterior surface of the bricks to fall and flake off in pieces. This occurs when the bricks get saturated with melting snow or rain. The water that accumulates in the bricks will freeze when the temperature goes down and then thaw when the temperature goes up. Eventually, the brick’s surface is going to break away. If a homeowner or building owner notices this issue, they should call for professional brick repair service in Philadelphia, PA right away.

Don’t ignore issues with a home’s or building’s brickwork. If the problem persists, it is only going to get worse and be more expensive to repair. If additional help or information is needed about brickwork, a home or building owner can visit the website.