If you own a small business in NY, you know how much goes into balancing your books and looking at profit and loss charts. Keeping up with all of the funds coming in and out is the job for a really experienced accountant. Your trusted and reliable local accountant can provide a wide range of services including income tax preparation New York City companies need. By getting this trusted service you will be well on your way to staying as tax compliant as possible.

Getting a tax assessment

Before getting the taxes submitted, you can call your local income tax company in New York City such as Robert A. Woloshen, CPA, PC to get a complete tax assessment. The accounting company you select will look over your finances to determine what your current situation is. They can make any assessments needed prior to getting started with processing your taxes. Most tax companies won’t charge an excessive amount for this initial meeting and you can use it to determine which income tax company is right for your needs.

Preparing your tax return

After the tax assessment, you can get the income tax preparation New York City services from the same accountant. They will need all of the additional documents on hand including the receipts from sales made out of your business, proof of income earned, and any other supporting documents you can gather.

Submitting your tax return

After the tax return has been prepared, it can then be submitted to the Federal and State departments. When your tax return has been accepted, you will typically be notified by mail or email or immediately in the case of e-filing.

With the right income tax preparation services, you will have everything submitted accurately. This will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that you are fully protected should anything go wrong with your return.

Consider Robert A. Woloshen, C.P.A. when you need a trusted accountant. Visit him online for more information .