Termites are a common household pest that are capable of destroying wooden structures. If termites have been spotted in between wooden boards that porch steps are made from, the following steps will assist with eliminating the pests. Afterward, a clear coat of sealer can be applied to wood to protect it from rotting.


* broom
* citrus cleaning agent
* bucket of warm water
* sponge mop
* water hose
* boric acid powder
* non-toxic pesticide
* wood sealer
* mixing stick
* paint tray
* paintbrush
* paint roller
* roller frame

Cleaning And Treating Wood

After removing loose dirt from wood with a broom, a citrus cleaning agent that has been mixed with warm water can be applied to wooden surfaces with a sponge mop. Termites are not fond of products that emit a citrus scent and are often killed if they come into contact with a cleaning agent. A water hose should be used to rinse off wood and surfaces need to dry thoroughly. Boric acid powder or a non-toxic pesticide can be applied to areas where termites were previously spotted. After a couple days, wood needs to be rinsed off with water to remove traces of powder or a pesticide.

Applying Sealer

Wood sealer needs to be stirred for a few minutes to eliminate air bubbles. Sealer can be poured into a shallow paint tray. An even coat of wood sealer needs to be applied to a paintbrush or paint roller before moving either tool across wooden surfaces. Sealer should be applied in straight lines. After a coat of sealer has dried thoroughly, an additional coat should be applied to wooden surfaces to ensure that steps have been covered sufficiently.

Preventing Infestations

Cleaning wooden surfaces on a regular basis will assist with preventing pest infestations. If measures are taken and an infestation becomes an issue again, a Pest Control Company in Puyallup Wa should be hired. Exterminators will assist with eliminating termites, spiders, bees, ants and rodents that are located inside a home or business. After inspecting a structure, pesticides will be administered if necessary. A Pest Control Company in Puyallup Wa will continue to monitor a home or business to ensure that infestations do not occur again