Eyeglass frames are a fashion statement for men and women. The new variety in frames provides something for every taste. For example, aviators are back in style for men. This look was made popular by athletes, movie stars and models. Many of today’s aviators tend to have a rounder lens. Check out Thom Browne’s eye-wear collection for the latest in aviators. Browne’s frames are replicas of American classics. Further, the glasses are sturdy and made to last.

DITA is a company known for retro styles like the popular cat-eye frame. Jeff Solorio and John Juniper started DITA in 1995. The frames quickly became a favorite of celebrities everywhere. They are made in Japan of desirable materials like titanium, 18k gold and white gold. Eyeglass Stores in NYC, like Charlotte Jones Opticians, carry DITA frames. The frames’ admirers include Brad Pitt, Lenny Kravitz and Kate Hudso

There are those who like the look of HORN frames. Indeed, these frames are luxurious and make quite a statement. HORN frames are made of real horn material from Tibet. Animals are not killed for their horns to make frames. Rather, horns are used from animals that are slaughtered for food. Each pair of frames are unique because every horn is different. A lot of workmanship goes into HORN frames. Craftsmen must carve and polish the horn material to get the correct finish. HORN is available at many fine Eyeglass Stores in NYC.

Japanese craftsmen make a variety of popular frames. The most well-known frame maker in Japan is Masunaga. In fact, Masunaga played a major role in making Fukui, Japan, a hub for eye-wear manufacturing. The company’s founder created a guild system in Fukui. All of the best craftsmen came together to make eye-wear. Likewise, Italian eye-wear is trending. For example, a lot of people are discovering Coppe Sid Cosmopolitan eye-wear. Each frame is named for a city to represent the cosmopolitan feel of the frames. The company uses a unique process that merges two colors in one pair of frames. Every pair of Coppe Sid’s frames have a lapis lazuli stone placed in the temple. Treat yourself to luxury eye-wear rather than a designer bag.