For high quality porcelain veneers Queens NY demands, head to the Dazzling Smile Dental Group. When teeth get stained, or yellowed over time, brushing alone just isn’t enough. It’s natural to feel powerless when teeth are chipped, dented, or otherwise malformed. Porcelain veneers cover the teeth, giving them a new, entirely different sparklingly white color.  Odd bulges or gaping craters in teeth can be unattractive, but dental implants provide lasting, durable solutions.

Every Step of the Porcelain Veneers Process Is Made to Make It Easier On Patients

Dental veneers aren’t large and obtrusive, they’re tiny and thin. Built of strong porcelain or plastic, patients will not even realize they’re in. Feeling apprehensive about anesthesia is normal. Luckily, the placement of dental veneers requires only a small amount of anesthesia. Just as everyone has different teeth, they have different needs for porcelain veneers. That’s why all porcelain veneers Queens NY get molds of the patient’s teeth. Through this process, the veneers are made to fit the specific teeth and mouth of the patient. People are very busy these days, leading lives where they have to run from one place to the next. Placing porcelain veneers only requires three appointments for the whole run of the process. One appointment for diagnosis, one for treatment, and a final one for bonding – then, the patient has their improved smile.

Straighten and Put Teeth In Their Best Shape

Braces can make teeth straighter, but they can be bulky and unsightly. Invisalign forgoes the cumbersome metal that braces have, trading them in for see-through aligners. Essentially invisible aligners, they ensure that no one will ever see that the patient has something over their teeth at all. They also let the patient eat whatever they want, without the dietary restrictions that come with braces. There are several great options available for porcelain veneers Queens NY.

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