There are three basic types of airsoft guns: electric, gas, and spring. Electric airsoft guns (AEGs) are battery powered. They offer the clearest benefit in offering users the opportunity to shoot in different modes including full automatic, giving a wide range of firepower options. Many also have rechargeable batteries, which helps save you money and can be a lot more convenient over the long run. Here are some of the pros and cons of AEGs, if you are interested in buying an airsoft gun but are not sure which type.

Pros of Electric Airsoft Guns (AEGs)

1. Firing speed and power. Electric airsoft guns fire between 350 and 400 FPS (velocity) with 0.20g BBs. AEGs are going to give you a lot more firing power than either gas or spring airsoft guns.

2. Varity. Electric airsoft guns come in a lot of different types including machine airsoft guns and sniper rifles for optimal gameplay. Also, you can get electric airsoft guns from different brands that make the widest variety of products possible including grenade launchers. Because of the wide variety of electric airsoft gun products on the market, and the continuing evolving product lines of the major manufacturers, you have one of the most versatile products you can buy.

3. Popularity. AEGs are actually the most popular type of airsoft gun because of their versatility. This means that when you are looking for OEM replacement parts it will be easier to find what you need. Similarly, you will be familiar with their method of use, which is great for when you want to buy a new AEG or want to share your airsoft guns with friends who are familiar with them too.


1. Electric airsoft guns have a learning curve.

2. Unlike gas-powered guns, they have no blowback sound to mimic a real weapon.