The career of a professional plumbing requires years of training and experience, which is a completely necessary if one considers the complications involved in the work. Such work demands numerous skills and abilities. A professional plumber must be capable of the following:

* Reading of water supply, waste and venting systems

* Detecting faults in plumbing systems

* Installation, maintenance and repair of domestic and industrial plumbing systems

* Joining pipes for leaks with different methods

* Ensuring that safety standards and building regulations are met

Despite common belief, to be successful as a plumber, a person needs to possess some special abilities. Plumbers need to have decent math and problem solving skills, they must have a high mechanical aptitude and good manual dexterity too. Most importantly, a plumber must have the tolerance for working in cramped spaces. One must also understand that such complex state of work also offers moderate financial prospects to plumbers who perform with adequate means and equipment.

Working as a plumber can be a difficult job, especially in a city like Fort Wayne. This city lies in the humid continental climate zone and that is the reason why summers are quite hot and wet while winters are quite cold and dry. Taking note of the weather conditions, certain pipes can be used specifically for the drainage in the city.

Among them are ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) pipes, which are the most common choice for drain pipes but not ideal for outdoor use as they may not hold up well on sun exposure. ABS pipes are basically the older version of PVC pipes; their popularity has reduced and most plumbers rarely recommend these.

Earlier, black iron pipes were standard for gas pipes, but now Polyethylene pipes are used. PVC pipes are becoming very popular and replacing ABS pipes as these are lighter in weight and have a very thin material. For such reasons, PVC pipes have become the common type which most plumbers opt for.

Considering the versatility involved in a plumber’s work, some jurisdictions also require that they must be licensed. Each state and locality may have its own licensing and taxing schemes for plumbers. In order to attain the certificate, plumbers must appear for an examination. To be eligible for the examination, an individual requires 2 to 5 years of experience in the plumbing field. Examinations also requires applicants to know all local codes for plumbing.

In brief, plumbers need to have a high school diploma or GED in the state to perform the work of plumbing. This ensures that the plumbers who work in the field are well experienced and aware of the latest trends. To ease the process of education for plumbers, online courses are provided by various institutions as well.

Nowadays, a master course in plumbing has taken giant steps. Master plumbers need to have several years of experience, manual dexterity, and professional, state, or local certification. There has been a growing awareness about the need to conserve water. Keeping this in mind, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association has teamed up with Green Plumbers USA to train and certify plumbers in water and energy efficiency technologies. Plumbing is a part of safety of buildings, and for that reason the Building Safety Week is celebrated during May 3-9 every year.

There are some regulations and requirements that are need to be met while carrying out plumbing services in Fort Wayne. All structures in the city are required to follow the Building Safety Codes, and to ensure these safety codes are met, trained inspectors have been appointed. Securing a permit is a part of maintaining the record on the property. In the city of Fort Wayne, these regulations help to maintain an adequate standard of plumbing.