Elevators are often taken for granted. People get in and out of them constantly and just assume they will work. Most of the time elevators operate flawlessly, so it is easy to forget about them. Once in a while the door might hesitate to open, the start may be a bit jerky, or the elevator might make a noise. Those are all signs that maintenance is required, yet they are commonly ignored. Building managers, janitorial department heads, even residents with private elevators, hardly ever give the elevator a second thought until there is a major problem. At that point the repairs may be costly, components may have to be replaced, and people may be stuck in a broken down elevator.

The best way to avoid any of those situations is to participate in a maintenance plan from an experienced company, such as Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA. Plans are offered to accommodate a wide rang of needs. An elevator in a home, for example, will need less maintenance than one in an apartment building. Periodic inspections are conducted to make sure the mechanisms are operating efficiently and to detect any minor repairs needed at the time. Office buildings, shopping malls, medical facilities, and government buildings will need to be inspected and serviced more often due to extensive use.

A maintenance plan will prolong the life of the elevator, save time and money, and avoid major breakdowns that can cripple a business. A plan also means the dates of inspections and services will be placed into the company computer system. No one has to remember when it is time for service because the computer will send a reminder to the company. The company will call the building manager or homeowner and schedule a time that is convenient. Those in charge of operations can Click Here for details on plans.In addition to maintenance plans, Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA also sells, installs, and repairs elevators. Whether a high traffic elevator, a freight elevator, a small elevator, or a combination of different elevators are required the company can do an assessment and provide recommendations for the size and type of elevator that will best suit the needs.