Where you position your home fire protection is exceptionally important if you want to keep the occupants of your home safe at all hours of the day and night. Placing your home fire protection properly could ensure the most effective detection possible in the event of a sudden fire and it could very well be the difference between becoming trapped and escaping to safety. Each smoke and heat alarm should come with a supplied user manual with instructions in regard to positioning but there are some helpful tips that may help you make the best decisions.

Flat Ceiling

Home fire protection in Sedalia is easiest to install if you have a flat ceiling and smoke alarms are most ideally placed if you put them in the exact center of the ceiling. It is recommended that you place your smoke alarm a minimum of 12 inches from walls and light fittings or decorative objects. This is to ensure that the air circulating in the room will reach the alarm in the least amount of time and to maximize the chance of effectively detecting smoke in the room.

As hot smoke is produced by a fire, it will initially rise and then spread out, meaning that the best place for your Sedalia home fire protection is the center of the ceiling. This is to minimize the amount of time between the start of the fire and the activation of the smoke or heat alarm. If it is not possible to install the alarm on the ceiling, you may install it 575mm, or about 22.6″, below the ceiling, and a heat detector may be installed 125mm, or about 5″, below the ceiling.

Sloped Ceiling

To place home fire protection on a sloped ceiling, you must position the smoke or heat detector vertically from the peak of the ceiling. Smoke alarms can be installed within 23″ and heat detectors within 5″-6″ of the peak. It is important to position the detector as near the center of the ceiling as possible.