Having purchased your electric vehicle and installed solar and wind power to exchange your electricity bill, you can continue with your green and eco-friendly environmentally attractive home additions by installing from a choice of Minneapolis granite countertops.

Using Green Building Materials

Whether you are building a completely new home or updating your kitchen or bathroom, it is inevitable that you will be interested in all the possibilities of using green building materials. This is to ensure that your use of materials will have a minimal impact on the environment. You will also do your best to maintain the quality of air inside your home. Purchasing natural stone in Minneapolis with granite countertops meets your requirements.

Marble, slate, sandstone and granite are all found and mined from solid rock. Using diamond blades, the stone is cut into sizes that you are more used to seeing.

The finish of the slabs is complete when they are polished, and your eco-friendly manner can be assured that there is very little else involved in the manufacturing process. More energy is used to produce laminate and other types of kitchen and bathroom countertops. Your effective carbon emissions will be very small.

When you visit specialist fabricators and installers in Minneapolis for granite countertops, you will be told that natural stone countertops will last for at least 30 years. With very little maintenance, with regular cleaning and sealing, granite countertops will last over 50 years and often only changed before that because homeowners prefer a different color finish in their rooms.

Should you have chosen a wood countertop, it will look great but will have been resurfaced several times during those first 50 years, and you will have used far more energy from the environment compared to your granite countertops.

When comparing your green options, do your research and check your local fabricating and installing company as you may consider a variety of stone for your splashbacks and tiles when you are installing your countertops.

Granite Unlimited Inc specialize in fabricating and installing Minneapolis granite countertops, marble, and quartz countertops. From a 10,000 ft.² showroom with hundreds of stone slabs on display, there 25 years of experience is exhibited from design to installation.