When a friend or family member passes away because of the negligence of somebody else, the surviving family members may want to speak with a Wrongful Death Lawyer Granite City IL. In most wrongful death situations, a spouse or another family member may bring a wrongful death lawsuit seeking damages. That’s why it’s important to understand that in a wrongful death case, there are typically three types of damages are awarded.

The first and most common type of awarded damages is economic damages. These damages typically cover the cost of medical care, funeral and burial services and, most commonly, the loss of prospective income, especially if that income is used to support a spouse or family. While these economic damages can extend to other aspects of a decedent’s financial responsibilities, standard economic damages are typically limited to the issues.

The second type of awarded damage is noneconomic. This type of damage can cover things like compensating a spouse or a family for the mental anguish or suffering that they experienced because of the loss of a loved one. In addition, this noneconomic damage can be awarded for children that no longer have the guidance or tutelage from a parent and for spouses that have lost the social and romantic interaction that they had with their spouse.

The last type of damage is typically where most of the money is awarded, especially in cases where the negligence was significantly egregious. In these situations, a Wrongful Death Lawyer Granite City IL will seek punitive damages. These types of damages were meant to economically punish the negligent party pursuant to the death of an individual.

It’s difficult to imagine that a large amount of money can compensate for the loss of a family member or loved one. While there are certain practical uses for this amount of money, there’s no way that money can adequately compensate to a lost family member. However, many times, these types of lawsuits can be the catalyst for change so that the situations that led to the death of a loved one can be avoided by other people. If you’re facing a situation where you feel a loved one was killed because of the negligence of someone or some company, you might want to speak with the Business Name the see if a Wrongful Death Lawyer Granite City IL can help you.