A self-storage unit can be the solution that you are looking for when you need a secure place to store personal items. Whether the unit is required for a short period or an extended amount of time, it is the ideal place to stow your property when you do not have the extra room at home. Some people select to use storage units short-term while they are waiting to move from one location to another. While other individuals require an Encino storage rental to place excessive items such as seasonal decorations, extra furniture, or anything they cannot bear the thought of throwing out.

Tips for Placing Your Property in Storage

  1. Check out the facility to determine what type of security features the company offers. Do they have CCTVs, alarm systems, fire sprinkler system, or 24-hour guards to help ensure the safety of your property?
  2. You should keep a list of everything that you place in storage to help keep track of your property. The list should be updated each time you take something out of storage or place an item into the Encino storage rental.
  3. When possible keep items off the floor in case an accident does occur such as flooding to prevent your property from being damaged.
  4. Be sure to take out insurance on your items to help ease your mind if a burglary or fire should occur.
  5. Wrap delicate pieces of art, photographs, or anything fragile in bubble wrap to help prevent them from being damaged while transporting.
  6. Store valuable items in the back of the unit to prevent them from being seen when the unit is opened.

Select a Trusted Company to Store Your Property

Ben Hur Moving & Storage understands the importance of protecting their clients’ personal property while in storage. They offer a comprehensive storage solution to meet your needs whether you require short-term or long-term storage for your belongings.