Marketing is tough because it requires a lot of persistence, targeting, and patience. You might have the best business idea in the world, but without promotion, you’ll never acquire customers. There are several different ways to promote yourself, both online and in person. While it’s important to have a strong Internet presence through which you can target your audience, it’s also important to promote yourself in the real world.

T-shirt screen printing in Fontana, CA can be a viable way to promote yourself whether you’re a business owner or an artist.

Organic Reach

You’ve probably heard of organic reach before. It’s a marketing term that means that you are able to reach a potential customer without targeting him or her. As soon as you start targeting someone, you won’t reach him or her organically anymore. A lead needs to find your business or name on his or her own in order to be considered an organic lead.

It’s tough to get organic engagements online, but in person, it’s much easier. By screen printing some merchandise and simply wearing it, you aren’t technically targeting anyone, but you can still get organic engagements.

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Why It’s Effective

For example, suppose that you’re wearing a shirt with your business name on it, someone sees your shirt and asks you about it. You’re not aggressively promoting your business at all. Instead, you’re allowing people to engage with you naturally while simultaneously exposing them to your brand.

In an age when every other email is a marketing email sent by a marketing company, having your own merchandise can be a more effective way to promote your brand. By printing your own shirts, you can spread awareness without scaring people away or pressure them to do business with you.