Whether it’s a private residence or a commercial operation, pest infiltration and infestation is not only an irritant but a persistent health and safety problem that cannot be ignored. When the particular pest involved is termites, for example, the potential damage to the building frame can end up compromising the entire structure. Rats, another infestation hazard, not only do physical damage burrowing into walls but carry diseases, including rabies.

Controlling pests has been one of the major efforts humans have been engaged in for thousands of years. In previous times, it was quite literally a matter of life and death, since rodents and other insect pests could eat out an entire crop and stored grain products. The Egyptians employed cats for the purpose of rodent control as early as 3000BC, Europeans laid down poisoned bait to eliminate wolves and birds, and these are but two methods used by various cultures to control or eliminate the local pest populations with varying degrees of success.

The Battle Being Waged Today

Pest Control Companies in Puyallup Wa employ a number of modern methods to eliminate pest problems from homes and businesses. The use of chemical pesticides has been the most common strategy, but the release of chemical toxins creates a hazard situation for pets and young children. Closely allied to this method is space fumigation and space treatment, both of which involve filling the building with a chemical mist to eliminate insects and rodents.

Because of these hazards and the hit-and-miss success rate of these traditional strategies in past eras, modern pest control technicians have formulated a new approach known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This strategy blends the known economically and environmentally sound pest control methodologies into a single unified plan that minimizes the use of chemical pesticides by using environmental-friendly methods to drive rodents away. Among such methods are resorting to chemical pesticides only as a last resort combining with exposing the infesting insects to the natural world’s controls such as predatory insects and animals as well as plant resistance.

The Value Of IPM

The true value of IPM methodologies is the fact that it presents the least-invasive approach to pest control available. Pest Control Companies in Puyallup Wa employ skilled certified technicians with vast experience in IPM pest management strategy and resorting to chemicals only after all options are exhausted. This method allows for maximum flexibility with minimal environmental damage inflicted.