There is no question that quality lighting is an important part of your commercial business. It allows you to see in the dark and can help to elevate the interior design of a space significantly. However, traditional bulbs consume quite a bit of energy, which is why it is so important to find energy efficient options.

Today, the most popular and energy efficient option for lighting the interior or exterior of your building is commercial LED lighting in Fort Worth, TX. If you want to make the most of your LED lights, you should not only reduce the amount of energy you are using, but also properly illuminate the space. Some tips to help you with this can be found here.

Choose Your LED Bulbs Based on Lumens Rather than Watts

If you really want to reap all the efficiency benefits offered by LED bulbs, you need to choose the right brightness. In most cases, people are going to think about the wattage when buying bulbs. They believe that the wattage is going to be the best indication of how bright the bulb is going to be. However, the fact is, the wattage does not indicate brightness. It only shows the amount a watts the single bulb will consume. If you want to feel more confident in the brightness of the bulb, you should look at the lumens. This measurement is specific to how bright it will be.

Next time you are looking for commercial LED lighting in Fort Worth, TX, try to see how many lumens each one has. Then choose the bulbs that are appropriate for the space.

Color of the LED Lamps

Another thing to consider when installing LED bulbs in your office, parking lot or commercial building is whether or not the bulbs are the proper color. The older incandescent bulbs were only offered in a single, yellowish tone and you were not able to determine what hue of light would be seen to illuminate the rooms. However, when LEDs are used, it is a completely different story. You can find these bulbs in virtually any color you can imagine. While you won’t want to use green or blue for bulbs in the office, it will be nice to have a choice to create an environment that is comfortable and productive for your workers.

Use LEDs in Unexpected Areas

While LED bulbs only consume a small amount of energy, and they offer an exceptional ROI, there are other benefits offered, as well. For example, these lights remain cool to the touch, even when turned on for extended periods of time. They are also small in size, but will last a long time. As a result, you can use these bulbs in a number of unexpected locations, such as for lighting up your desk, highlighting interesting architectural features in the building and more. You can use these throughout your commercial building and reap all the benefits they offer.

If you have been considering looking for ways to enhance your commercial property while minimizing costs and your carbon footprint, then it is a good idea to look into what LED lighting has to offer. You will be surprised to learn how many businesses have already embraced commercial LED lighting in Fort Worth, TX and the money they are saving.

If you are ready to move forward with the use of LEDs in your commercial space, then talk with the professionals. They will be able to evaluate your business and determine what you need.

Learn more about the benefits offered by LED bulbs for your commercial space by visiting the Brightscapes website.