When a loved one passes away, usually some kind of memorial service is held in their honor to remember their life. If a family decides to have a Cremation in San Diego CA, the service they select after the process may involve the spreading of ashes. Here are some ideas to consider when hosting a cremation service for a loved one.

Host An Indoor Ceremony First

When a cremation ceremony is conducted, a portion of it is held in an outdoor setting if ashes are to be released. Beforehand, it is a nice gesture to have an indoor ceremony for guests to get together to remember the deceased. This can be held in a funeral home and will allow for those grieving to congregate in a comfortable area to pay their last respects. Pictures of the person who had died can be displayed for those attending to reminisce about good times the person had during their life.

Use Containers To Hold Ashes

If someone is to be cremated, a container will be needed to hold their ashes after the process is completed. A cremation service will have an array of urns and decorative containers to choose from. Consider handing out small urns to close family members. Alternately, necklaces or other pieces of jewelry can be ordered to hold ashes if desired.

Perform An Outdoor Ceremony

If ashes are going to be spread, it is important to check with the owner of property if it is not going to be held on private land. Each person attending the event can spread some of the ashes from the container, or a spokesperson can take on the job in spreading them in the desired spot. Ask those attending to speak about the deceased person to help make the service personalized as well.

When there is a need to do a Cremation in San Diego CA, finding the right service to do the job is necessary. Contact several services in the area to inquire about their pricing to find out what options are available. Packages for a cremation process can be selected directly from an online website for convenience.