People hear the words root canal and often cringe at the thought of having one performed. In the dental industry, root canals have received a bad reputation with patients as an uncomfortable procedure. However, once completed, the individual will receive relief to the area that is causing them excruciating pain. When a person has deep decay in a tooth or a serious infection, it can leave the individual uncomfortable and feeling miserable. A person that needs a root canal in Jacksonville Beach area may experience a larger problem if the issue is not tended to immediately.

How a Root Canal Works

When a tooth is decayed or infected, the nerve attached to the root can be sensitive and create persistent throbbing pain that will not go away. This can make it difficult for the person to eat, drink, or even talk while experiencing the discomfort. A root canal in Jacksonville Beach is a procedure where a dentist will remove the nerve or pulp from the affected root. Once removed, the root will be cleaned to remove any bacteria growing inside the tooth that is causing the infection or prevent an abscessed tooth. When this process is completed, the tooth will be sealed off to prevent microorganisms from gaining access to the root.

Avoid Potential Dental Problems by Calling a Dentist Today

When left unattended, other teeth and gum tissue around the affected area can receive damage to cause a larger problem. To avoid additional dental problems a decayed or infected tooth should be attended to immediately. At Jax Beaches Family Dentistry, they understand the fear people experience when they require a root canal. They offer the relaxing environment and support patients require to help reduce their worries when a root canal is required. Contact usĀ  today to schedule an appointment.